If you’re curious about working together on either a graphic design project or a custom pattern or illustration project, have any questions about my process, or would simply like to send me photos of your feline friends, please do so here! I'll get back to you within 24-48 hours. 

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“Carrie brings an element of sophistication to every design she touches. Her lines somehow seem more elegant than others. Her colors sharper. Her circles more round. We don’t know how she does it, but there’s a reason beyond her smile and kind demeanor that we’ve been calling upon her for almost 20 years. She’s just that good!”


"Carrie is a joy to work with and demonstrates an impressive blend of strategic and technical skill. She is wicked smart and takes a strategic partnership mentality on every project we work on. Carrie is able to flawlessly get into the weeds of a project but also to think strategically on big, broad topics that need to be rooted in sophisticated design principles. Truly, a great graphic partner!"

Cynthia Harris
Managing Director AT 8:28 Insights

"Carrie has an intrinsic talent to seamlessly pair the perfect font and color palette with visual elements to tell the whole story at a quick glance. Her engaging personality and jovial spirit are an added bonus to her raw talent and speed. Carrie is a true collaborator with the experience and portfolio to overdeliver while embracing her client's vision."

Corey Calla
President & Chief Executive Officer at SencorpWhite

"Carrie is simply the best! She's a master designer, strategic thinker, and outstanding communicator, making her the ideal lead for any creative project. But her true super power is her boundless creativity and positive "let's find a way" attitude. No one can inspire me more or help me reframe a challenge like Carrie can. Do yourself a favor and hire her…you won't regret it!"


"I have worked with Carrie for over a decade at Pierre Foods, AdvancePierre Foods and Tyson Foods. I highly recommend her for your design projects. She is resourceful, fast, creative, and intelligent. She listens closely, asks the right questions, and adds insights and perspective. She is a pleasure and a talent!"

Nancy Todys

"Carrie is fast, creative, and strategic. She is an absolute joy to work with
and quick with communication. I can trust her to deliver impeccable work
no matter what project I give her. In addition to her creative talent, she is a joy to work with and is excellent at communicating. There is no better creative partner than Carrie!"

Melissa Egan
Creative Director at HANGAR12 

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I'm Carrie! A graphic designer, illustrator and surface pattern designer living in a 100-year-old home in Cincinnati, Ohio with a passion for creating beautiful brands, environments & products.